Rumors about Google Nexus 5 price and its launch date

According to a source, Google phone will come with an mesmerizing price for those who have been yearning for a new Nexus.

All the bruit we are hearing related to the upcoming Nexus5, expected from LG and Google later this month, is that it could be the new Android phone in the market. But according to the latest rumors hint that it could be a certain change in iPhone 5S price when it comes to your longings for one.

By one of the faithful of Google has told that the next model of Nexus will launch in the last part of October and it’s cost could be “half the price” of the iPhone 5S.

It seems that launching date and price of Nexus can be different for US and UK market.
If the Nexus 5  price were to be half of what an unlocked iPhone 5S sells for at retail stateside which starts at $649 for 16 GB contract-free with a T-Mobile SIM), that indicates that we can iPhone 5S withihn $350.
It would be such a great deal for Nexus fans who longings for a repeat of the $299 price for an unlocked Nexus4 out of the gate.
Let’s see in the coming time if Google renders such a pre-holiday bargain on a top flight phone, or if it have a Uk only pricing scheme or just total bunk.
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