What Should You Do To Clear Clogged Nozels Of Printer?

It is very uncommon to have clogged nozels but when it is happen, it can be very baffling. Firstly, clear the jam by hitting the “extrude” button bon pronterface, if you can. It has worked in mostly cases.
Nonetheless, mostly person will fail to do so. Here we offer our best advice on clog. Let get it out of the mind that clogs are a bilk issue and even though we have given the best possible solution here, clogs may take a few frustrating minutes to clear.

There are two types of clogs. First one appears in the PEEK plastic tube (the black plastic fitting in between your acrylic and the nozzle. Second one take place within the nozzle.

First type of clog is resolved by pressing the filament deeper into the printer, allowing it to dissolve in the nozzle. This can be done by pressing a thin screwdriver or hex wrench into the filament port. 

The second clog is little bit harder to resolve. You may need to have a needle or other sharp object and implement it into the extruder nozzle to clear the clog. Some people sure about using a Cat5 cable for doing this, but it is difficult to do so in any case.

If the problem of clog persists, you will have to remove your extruder head and clean it. Beginners are not suggested to do so and it is best done under the expert supervision.